Top Condo Design Ideas for Maximizing Space and Storage Solutions

There are plenty of décor options for condos to better utilize storage. You can design your condo in a purposeful way that maximizes space, all while having the freedom to get creative with the elements you add. Continue reading to learn about the best small condo design ideas that will elevate your home’s aesthetic and space.  

Choosing a Theme for Your Condo

Materials, colours, and furniture should follow a theme. Choose minimalist, industrial, or bohemian to ensure your personality shines through in every design choice. Create a mood board to see what you gravitate toward the most.

You can create one using Pinterest or even with glue and paper. Add colour swatches, floor material, shelve styles, etc.

Maximizing Space in a Condo

When using space with storage in mind, you won’t need to worry about where to put things. Popular creative storage options include:

  • Shelves.
  • Drawers under the bed.
  • Footstools with storage.
  • Metal door hangers.
  • Tall and narrow furniture pieces with built-in storage compartments.
luxury bedroom bed and breakfast room

Enhancing the Aesthetics with Curtains

When decorating a condo, opt for curtains over blinds. While being a piece of décor, they offer privacy and filter in natural light.

Your curtains’ colours and material (even the curtain rod) should match a theme. To make your space feel taller, install the rod an inch or two above the window.

Adding Wallpaper for Visual Interest

Wallpaper should be one of your condo decorating ideas. It’s decorative, affordable, and protects your walls.

The colour, pattern, and texture should align with a theme. You don’t need to apply it to every wall; be strategic and add wallpaper to a single surface in your bedroom, creating an accent wall.

Incorporating Multi-Purpose Furniture

If you don’t have an extra room but want sleeping accommodation, then get a pull-out couch or futon.

It can double as a family room staple and bed, all the while not taking up extra space.  

Utilizing Wall Space for Decor and Storage

For condo décor ideas, add artistic pieces to your walls to elevate the space and add depth. Try 3D pieces, like metal silhouettes, or opt for mirrors.

If you need storage but still want dimension, try floating shelves or other wall-mounted storage solutions, like cube shelves.

Avoiding Clutter: Recognizing When There’s Too Much Furniture

Signs of clutter include the inability to find things and stepping on items. Only keep the furniture pieces you need and leave enough room for people to walk around.

Doing so will enhance your home’s functionality and appearance.

Before You Renovate Your Condo, Consult with Harmony Condo Reno

Whether it be installing curtains or dimensional wall pieces, we hope these condo design ideas resonated with you. Get rid of anything you don’t need and get furniture with built-in storage. It’s all about having fun and having your condo reflect your personality. If you need additional help with building a functioning condo space, then contact Harmony Condo Reno. We specialize in full renovations and love helping people create the space of their dreams.