Expert Condo Renovation Tips

There’s nothing like renovating a condo to improve functionality, add elements of personalization, and increase the property’s value. There are however many factors such as materials, labour, timing, budget, as well as many other components that impact how smooth and stress-free the renovation experience will be for you. As condo renovation experts, Harmony Condo Reno has learned quite a lot over the years delivering customers with satisfying results. To help those Torontonians asking themselves, “Can you renovate a condo?”, check out Harmony Condo Reno’s top 10 condo renovation tips.

Understanding Condo Reno Rules

Condo renovations differ from renovating a house because there are a different set of rules and regulations to follow regarding the safety and insurance of the building at large.

Understanding condo renovation rules in Toronto will pay dividends because you’ll likely have the condominium’s board in agreement with you, and even be in communication with the property management team on a day-to-day basis.

The Purpose of the Renovation

It’s imperative to clearly identify the purpose of choosing this construction project before embarking on your journey to renovate your condo. As yourself questions like: who are these renovations for, how long are you planning on staying in your condo, and are you updating to sell, or as a long-term investment?

Once you can determine your objectives and the reasons for renovating, it’s more motivating to plan strategically and create a practical budget accordingly that supports reaching these goals.

Hire a Designer

There are many positives of hiring a designer for condo renovations. Their expertise and knowledge in the field will save you time and money by avoiding making costly mistakes that would have prolonged the process as well. They can offer their design input and creativity and may be able to depict your style more accurately.

Furthermore, designers have incredible access to furniture, fabrics, colours, materials, and accessories and can incorporate these exclusive items into your design to make your dream condo possible.

Choosing Professionals vs. DIY

An extraordinary contracting team is critical to the success of your apartment renovation. When you choose professionals over going the DIY route, you benefit from the invaluable experience, training, and access to equipment they bring.

They are also licensed and insured and can work more quickly and efficiently. Professional contractors will save you time and money, and you can get the right results done the first time, safely and effectively.

Get a Kitchen Makeover

As typically the focal point in a condo, the kitchen is the best place to splurge.

An upgrade in appliances, refacing countertops, installing an oversized island, replacing faucets, adding cabinetry for storage space, changing backsplash tiles, or simply painting are all worthwhile kitchen investments that will add value to your condo altogether.

Is the Bathroom Makeover Worth it?

Remodeling your condo bathroom is absolutely worth it!

Some of the best bathroom upgrades such as updating your fixtures, opting for a tub-to-shower conversion, featuring an elegant vanity, installing extra cabinets for storage, or adding a custom mirror can redesign the look of your bathroom and elevate the space’s functionality and visual appeal.

Change your Condo Flooring

When you’re replacing flooring, there are specific rules and requirements that need to be met, such as the under pad meeting a certain standard for sound resistance and providing information on your new floor to your property manager and condo management team.

Make sure to consult with your building management team and condo board before purchasing your new condo flooring to avoid costly mistakes.

Don’t Forget the Paint

A paint job just might be what your condo needs! Perhaps an unusual colour to stand out or more of a subtle hue to get the most bang for your buck. Certain colours may even lower the design costs and circumvent some of the other challenges as well.

In any case, a beautiful paint job is a smart condo remodel design choice to completely revamp the place.

Choose to Stay Elsewhere During Condo Renos

To ensure a smooth and quicker process, it’s in your best interest to relocate while your condo renovations in Toronto take place.

By finding a short-term rental during this time, your contracting team can work on the entire space freely, rather than being constricted to working room-by-room.


By understanding the rules and regulations of your condo, identifying the purchase of your project, hiring a designer and contracting professionals, investing in a kitchen and bathroom makeover, painting, changing your condo flooring, and choosing to stay somewhere else during the renos, you are well on your way to successfully renovating your condo. Contact Harmony Condo Reno for our expert contractors and designers’ advice, tips, and valuable information on how to best renovate your condo.